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A Stylish Collegiate Lesbian Affair

fans of D.E.B.S.
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This is a community for fans of the movie D.E.B.S., which was directed by Angela Robinson, who also wrote and directed the original short film of the same name.

* Watch the original short film
* Internet Movie Database entry for D.E.B.S.
* Trailers and clips from the movie
* Order D.E.B.S. at Amazon.com

D.E.B.S. is young love at its best

Our sister community is All Things D.E.B.S.

Visit Angela Robinson's production website, formerly Pink Thunder, currently Girl Pop.

Community Rules

1. Please make sure your posts are readable. While a good old fangirl (or fanboy) squee! is not remiss, any posts that can be summarized with "omg debs r so kewl omg i wanna be bff wit them for lief!!!" will be deleted. This applies to fanfic as well. Your fanfic should fit basic grammatical criteria, such as having proper spelling and punctuation.

2. Post long entries, including ones with large pictures, under an lj-cut. Fanfic and icons are welcome, but should not be overwhelming friends pages. If you don't know how to perform an lj-cut, please refer to the lj FAQ.

3. Before posting, read back at least a page to see if your topic has already been covered. There's nothing more aggravating than seeing the same post 6 times by 6 different people, prefaced with "I know someone's already asked this, but I wanna ask too..."

4. Play nicely!

5. Please do not make requests for downloads of the movie or the soundtrack. While we may have different opinions regarding file sharing, this community is not the place to exercise those views. Besides, the DVD is out, and the extras are well worth the price.

Icon Contest Rules:

1. Post your icon with a subject header of "Icon Contest #___".
2. Your icon must be in .gif, .jpeg, or .png format. Animated icons are welcome.
3. Please do not use your icon anywhere else while the contest is ongoing.
4. Icons should focus on D.E.B.S. and its characters.
5. Credit all sources for bases, brushes, textures, etc.

If you're new to icon-making, check out the community icon_tutorial.

moderator: captain_sam
captainsam8 [at] gmail [dot] com